A Burning Farewell

*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–



The sun rose dazzling

in colors of fire as it

set her skin aflame.


*Inspired by the novel, Carmilla,Β  written in 1872 by Joseph Le Fanu, which was the very first vampire thriller.


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      • Incredible, in this day and this time we have taught those existing (can’t say “living”) in the world of immortality that gender discrimination is ok. Next, they’ll quit sucking the blood (important source of nutritional value for them) and start eating fast food! Do they not have it hard enough? (LOL)

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  1. I never heard of Carmilla, but I have a strong suspicion there were other vampire stories we never heard of. The author could have siphoned inspiration from somewhere — however — I’m also willing to believe he didn’t. But he most likely did. Vampirism dates back to at least the Middle Ages:http://www.science20.com/scientist/blog/plague_and_vampirism_middle_ages-113365

    Take note of Martin Bohm’s quote at beginning of the article…very delightful! \”/

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    • Fascinating! Those females smacking their mouths in their graves — how scary and disturbing!! You find the most interesting facts. Thank you… I wish it were night, so the reading of your article would have been even more frightful πŸ˜€ xo


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