Poetry from lips

Whispering against my skin

Time to be released


*Inspired by the lovely haiku, Transition from haiku-ist and photographer, Scooj of Natural Adventures.
(Remarkable painting is by the amazing Susan Avishai)


  1. How long have you been writing haikus for? I don’t think I ever written one. I remember having to write a haiku during English class (many years ago), but I didn’t feel like doing the assignment.

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    • July 2015 The Chair; my first haiku. Always kept a poetry journal but never tried to write a haiku before I started blogging in June. You should try one now. Maybe you’ll enjoy it since your teacher isn’t forcing you!


      • Your use of the semicolon makes me jealous — I’m too stupid to know how to use it…that’s why I use the dash. Don’t tell anyone.

        Truth be told: I was once a poet. I have a back-log of drafts, and some of them are old poems, but I never published them.

        I’ll try writing a haiku and credit you as the inspiration.

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          • Don’t worry! You can be flattered and scared. I won’t mind.

            I finished the haiku, so I’ll post it on Monday and link to your blog — that way you know when it’s published…assuming you’ll get the notification.

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            • Weird. I thought I followed your blog awhile ago! Okay, I’m now a FlyTM follower….hope you’ll be a PoetR follower, too…..just in case I plot a revenge and write a haiku inspired by you šŸ™‚


              • I may have an explanation:

                1. I think the email subscription is separate from the WordPress follow.

                2. I think WordPress caps the number of blogs you can follow. If you follow too many — WordPress will automatically and randomly unsubscribe you from previous followed blogs.

                In the past — I followed blogs — then discovered I somehow unfollowed them a few moments later. WordPress works in mysterious ways.

                A haiku inspired by me? Shucks! I think I’m blushing!…again.

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                • That sucks! I had no idea that happens with WP followers. Thanks for letting me know.

                  Lmao! I may write a haiku inspired by you….I really never plan on getting inspired by anything or anyone specifically; just happens. I don’t want you disappointed if it doesn’t happen right away.


                  • Not many people know the dark secrets swirling around WordPress. I have a few other suspicions, but I may just be paranoid. Time will tell.

                    You can scribble a few lines down and just say it was inspired by me. I’ll never know the difference, nor will my feelings take a beating. Because I don’t have any.

                    …But I am very impatient…so, like, I want the poem right now! Understand? Haha just kidding!


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