She saw him in the shadows;
staring and intense.
From across the room he winked at her
as she was dining with her friends.
Taking her dog for a walk one night,
she thought she caught a glimpse,
but when she blinked,
it was merely dissipating mist.
In her car, he smiled at her in the rear-view mirror.
When she turned, there was no one there.
A faint whiff of sea breeze did linger.
Years quickly sped by; fast like a speeding car.
From time to time, she would see him
but never within reach; always from afar.
She grew old and her heart grew weak.
Lying in her bed one day,
she fell asleep.
When she awoke, he was at her side.
His smile was disarming, so charming
putting her completely at ease.
It’s time was all he said. He took her hand,
and they flew into the air with one swoop of his wings.
As they were airborne, the sun cast its warmth on them.
Temperature steadily grew hotter; liquid gold streaming down his cheeks
as his halo melted in the heat.
With a cry, she noticed the horns on his head
where the false halo had once rested.

(Photo from sciencedump.com)


  1. Wow…. I enjoyed this. I was thinking how wonderful the feeling of seeing glimpses of a familiar yet mysterious face throughout life. Then I thought, Oh, it’s a guardian angle…, nice. Then the unexpected turn…. And all I could think of was Wow…. Nice twist. A little dark, but dark can be interestingly cool….

    Liked by 1 person

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