God Still Loves Emma Sue


I ain’t gonna wear my hat, mama, she announced with her chin fiercely squared.

Emma Sue, you know good women folk wear hats.  There aint never been no questions ‘bout that!

If I don’t wear no hat, God’s not gonna stop loving me.

He ain’t never stop even with what you and John Bob do under an apple tree.

Emma Sue’s cheeks burned a scarlet red.

Yes, I seen you and John Bob doin what only rabbits should be doin out in that orchard.

Say what you’d like, mama, but I still ain’t gonna wear no hat to church!

Mama pinched her ear so hard, tears ran down her face.

You put that hat on and quit with this disgrace.  I’ll be in the car. Don’t you make me wait!

At church, she obediently wore her hat as she was told.

John Bob stared hard and asked if she was feeling cold.

Mama turned to snap at him, then noticed with dread,

Emma Sue wore no brassiere under her sheer white dress.

She smiled as innocent as can be. Oh, come on, mama, God still loves me.


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