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Poetry from lips Whispering against my skin Time to be released   *Inspired by the lovely haiku, Transition from haiku-ist and photographer, Scooj of Natural Adventures. (Remarkable painting is by the amazing Susan… Continue reading

Trompe de Chasse

He blew the French Horn With lips that kissed me. Superb Two finger placement   *Photo from ebay.com


We lie side by side Fitting well. There will soon be Some heavy breathing


Strum me on your lap Your breath on my neck. Pluck me Hear my body sing


Phantom sleep gripped her Pinned to the bed and frozen Hands roved all over *I experience phantom sleep a few times a year. I’ve had the sensation of hands touching me and have… Continue reading

Tucked Deep

In a cottage house tucked in the woods, just he hears her climaxing screams.


Music to her lips Clutching his harmonica Up and down she goes


 (Photo from Coup De Foudre) I gaze in your eyes waiting with abated breath as they glaze over

A Gift

Unwrap me, she said He did, but afterwards thought Can I return this?

Mad Love

 (Photo from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) I first saw you in the corner store buying a pack of cigarettes dressed in black and looking like Mad Max. You smiled at me,… Continue reading