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Thaw Me

  You shake your head as you eye my heart – poking it with a finger. I don’t cringe or fall apart – stone cold like a glacier. Wall of ice in all… Continue reading


I see how you are – distant like the stars. Brilliant pin points of you – scattered. I can’t contain you in my hands. You escape between my fingers – drifting through the… Continue reading


  Inebriating. We made drunk love on the floor. No wine was consumed.   *Photo from Freeimages.com 🎄🎄🎄Capture your copy of Katydid Leaves – A Poetic Journey at Amazon today or send it… Continue reading


  She struggled to breathe. Amused, he watched her drown in the pools of his eyes.   *Photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit & follow his blog). ❤

Every Inch

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com) You grow like ivy around my heart. Clinging vine overwhelms my soul. Every inch of me you cover. Sweet darkness in your embrace. Enwrap me. Don’t let… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Julia’s Dream Part I

Julia’s Dream – Part I (By Nick Gibbs Poetry) It’s almost midday But you wouldn’t know, Heavy blinds Lock down the windows And thick felt curtains Trap light and sound And stale tobacco… Continue reading


You look at me and in your hand your heart you give. Take it, you say I had no time to wrap it. Always on the go – hardly an hour to sit… Continue reading


  When you look at me I wish I’d worn a sweater You give me such chills   (Photo from Depositphotos.com)