I see how you are –
distant like the stars.
Brilliant pin points of you –
I can’t contain you in my hands.
You escape between my fingers –
drifting through the air like
You’re unattainable.
No matter how close I get,
you’re always out of reach –
enigmatic and complex.
At times you breeze past me,
rushing your caresses.
Our breaths mingling –
never lingering.
I can only graze your surface.

(Photo by Michael Murphy of freeimages.com)


  1. Love this. The sincere longing and an almost understanding of the love just out of reach. You captured it with you beautiful lines. Always a pleasure reading your work. Take care.

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    • I’ve missed you! You must still be traveling? This poem was written as I was feeling sorry for myself. Because of my husband’s hectic schedule, it’s tough to pin him down. He’s always on the go or his mind is constantly preoccupied. Boo hoo for me! Thank you. 😘

      Hope you’re able to post soon on your blog. I miss your work!

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      • I’m sorry that you’re a bit sad, but it’s bringing out the best in you. You’re a great inspiration, as a writer and a person. My schedule is hectic as well, and my wife isn’t enjoying it, either; but rather than writing poetry, she chooses to employ a rolling pin; why did I have to buy her one made out of marble instead of wood? Ow! Gotta go! Best wishes. πŸ™‚

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        • Oh, I’m fine, Og! Lol. It’ll slow down for him in the summer time then I’ll be handcuffing him to the bedpost. πŸ˜‰ Ouch. Marble? Wow. I bet that’s the type of rolling pin she asked for knowing she could use it also as a weapon? Haha. Thanks darling. You always make me smile 😊


  2. Like, a young lady and gentleman communicating for purposes other than acting on one another’s love appetites. I love your tapestry. Your poetry helps to cure my numbness to such appetites.

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    • Haha! That was more like my “woe is me” voice! My husband works all the time that it can be challenging. I’m so happy you enjoyed my poem. I love your posts about your lovely wife, but I also enjoy your risquΓ© poetry, as well. It’s fun to be a writer and explore so many facets of life. Hope all your projects go well! Thanks so much for your comments. I know how busy you are, so I appreciate it😘

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  3. Really very good. So lyrical. A sense of yearning, admiration and unattainability. I felt like this about a girl who was in a school play, when I was a boy. She was just out of reach. I was spellbound.

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