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Cyber Seas

I’ll send you my best thoughts and be kind. Your shadows I’ll tuck away. I don’t know how to ease your mind, or what words I can possibly say. Yet, here we can… Continue reading

A Wanted Pain

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   I want this pain as it pours down on me. I want this hurt that keeps badgering – unrelenting and grasping. This merciless spasm is a dagger through me… Continue reading

Drawing Blood

Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)   She loved him with a rage that bent his will power in half. He couldn’t say no to her – yet when he said yes, she… Continue reading


*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Paper thin wasp nest, soft as a caress. Surprise – a sting from within!     🎄🎄🎄Capture your copy of Katydid Leaves – A Poetic Journey at Amazon today… Continue reading

Keep Chilled

  She grew frost flowers to keep the chill in her heart. Pain can’t invade ice.   *Frosty photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit his blog). ❤

Mask of Pain

See her mask of pain fashioned with her past lover’s broken promises. *Cool mask made by the lovely Sarah of Vespertine House. ❤

For Breakfast

Don’t give me your heart I’ll devour it with pancakes And maple syrup


She cursed from the pain An arrow lodged in her chest Ah, damn you, Cupid