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50 Word Story – Not Me

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   She cowered against the fence while others around her screamed. She remained calm and hopeful. Take her, him or them, she prayed quietly, but not me.… Continue reading

Hungry Tree

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   Stealthy snake branches slithered through leaves in search of birds to squeeze and eat.   *Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow… Continue reading

Like Lego

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   Like Lego we fit nice and tight under the sheet where nightmares remain quiet. When he’s next to me, the dark doesn’t scratch; it doesn’t bite.… Continue reading


Photo by Graham A Stephen (   In a crowd, he shines yet, he doesn’t know. The monsters in his head just won’t let him go.   I tell him of his brilliance… Continue reading

A Burning Farewell

*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   The sun rose dazzling in colors of fire as it set her skin aflame.   *Inspired by the novel, Carmilla,  written in 1872 by Joseph Le Fanu, which was… Continue reading


*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   The spider waiting in her den sharpens fangs in anticipation.   ***This haiku appears in my new ebook!  Please see the info below:   🎄🎄🎄Capture your copy of… Continue reading

Without You

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   By myself, I flew. Yet, I never could quite soar being without you.   *Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his… Continue reading

Every Inch

Photo by Graham A Stephen ( You grow like ivy around my heart. Clinging vine overwhelms my soul. Every inch of me you cover. Sweet darkness in your embrace. Enwrap me. Don’t let… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Jack O’ Lantern Quesadillas with Midnight Salsa

Jack O’ Lantern Quesadillas with Midnight Salsa (Recipe by My Plate 2 Yours ~ Haiku by Poet Rummager)   Jack He didn’t know Jack with his cheesy grin – hiding maleficent thoughts.  … Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Training

Training (Gif by MegaEggz ~ Haiku by Poet Rummager)   Training in moonlight, Demon perfects his head spins for Halloween night.   *Amazing animation by Josh of MegaEggz! (Click here to visit and… Continue reading