The Grigori


Rain from rumbling clouds

Hurtled from heaven, pelted

The fallen angels


*Stunning Photo from Francis of Qhapaq

-The Grigori were a group of fallen angels who mated with mortal women.


  1. Yeah, Heard about something like that about the mating going on between fallen angels and mortals. It’s what produced giants that got drowned during the flood but some survived? Goliath was one of them?

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  2. Question: What would happen if a typical Gregori mated with an immortal woman? I don’t know, like, ummm, say…Venus! Yeah, yeah, — would would happen if a Gregori mated with Venus? Or Aphrodite?

    Do you believe in angles?

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    • Well, technically, Venus and Ahphrodite are the same; one is Greek and the other is Roman, but I forget which is which, but both are goddess of love. Anyway, gods would never mate with a Grigori who’s a fallen angel. Fallen angels turn into devils.
      I believe in angels, but I write mostly about devils, cuz they’re more fun! πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

      Do you believe in angels?

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      • I thought Aphrodite was the mother of Venus, but hey? What do I know, right?

        I believe in things we interpret as angels, but not literal angels.

        Zeus would certainly slam dance with a fallen angel…right?

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        • Ok, just for the hell of it, I verified that Aphrodite is Greek and Venus is Roman; both are goddesses of love.

          It’s more fun believing in angels with wings, but I’m not the boss of you! My 4 yr old niece says that boss thing all the time. Lol.

          Zeus is a pig and has had many lovers and wives; both mortal and goddesses….he even tempted many of them shaped like a bull, swan and rain. Yeah, he’s a pig, so I wouldn’t put it past him to lay with a fallen angel. Ha! Your questions are hilarious!

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          • Cassiopeia and Andromeda are related — that’s who I was thinking of! Haha. Cassiopeia, Andromeda, and Cepheus are prominent northern constellations, especially during autumn (in New England).

            Give Zeus a break! He has major daddy issues.

            My niece tells me what to do all the time while my nephew beats the hell out of me with wooden blocks. My other nephew just laughs and vomits. Fun times!

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            • I’ve heard of Cassiopeia and Andromeda but not Cepheus. Of course, you’d know all that.

              Beautiful Washington is where we live, but my family is in CT and NY.
              Have you ever been to the Pacific NW?

              So, your nephew who vomits is just a baby? He spits up, then. Uncle Fly!! Lmao.

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              • I reside in Woodbury — a small town in CT.

                I haven’t been to the Pacific NW…I think.

                My youngest nephew is about a year and he discovered a way to make himself puke (jamming fingers down throat). My eldest nephew is about two years (I think). My niece is about 4.

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