Beckoning Moon



Full moon beckons him;

White alabaster roundness.

Nice butt, he whispers.

Haiku usually appear without punctuation marks at the end of each line, but I added a semicolon and threw in a couple of periods to try and provoke a sense of curiosity in you…

Come close and let me whisper in your ear, because I don’t want to embarrass you with this rather personal question. Do you know when to use a semicolon? You’re right; it isn’t any of my business, but I’m just trying to be a friend, okay? Maybe you’d always wanted to learn but didn’t want to read something boring and unfunny. Let me ask you this then; would you like to learn to look cool and smart, dispensing a semicolon, from someone who is incredibly hilarious, witty, and quite edgy? Why yes, I am talking about fellow blogger, Katrina from Calliope Writing!
Click here and get ready to marvel, laugh, and maybe even add a point or two to your IQ!!!


*Superb moon photo by FlyTrapMan.