Into the Fire

Illustration by Ted Giffin

I’m seeing you tonight.

It isn’t my heart I worry about

or its thump, thump, thump

and its skips.

Nor is it my mouth

which talks far too much

and longs to whisper things

you shouldn’t hear.

I’m worried about my horns.

Have I polished them enough?

Can they be seen through my hair?

Are they sharp and tough

to pierce through your armor?

I’ll invade your guarded soul

and revel in its capture.

In my bed,

I’ll keep you satiated

in your defeat,

my most prized prisoner,

eternally chained to me.

 ***My poem was inspired by a fun conversation I had with Seeing the Whisper.***


  1. In mythology, fire is a good thing for It burned away the impurities in one’s life making one ready for battle or love or both. So let the festivities begin as we honor all who have been burned and cut with Merlin’s knife.

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  2. I read your poem about 2 or 3 more times and wanted to comment about you/ wonderful choice of words which drew me in, being both alluring and playful. Poe’s Ligggea could have said these words or Morgan LaFae who trapped Merlin in a tree… jc.

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    • I just read Poe’s “The Conqueror Worm.” Thanks for pointing out Ligeia to me! Poe is the master of horror! Thanks so much for your wisdom and kind words, JC. I faintly remember the story of Merlin imprisoned in a tree and will have to revisit that tale soon. xo

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  3. Oh! You’re back, sweetie!! I’ve missed you so much, dear Rose! Hope everything is well and I look forward to see more of your polished horns in the future. 😉😘❤

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  4. quite a poetry it is. well flourished, captivating & eye-catching. off nicely plucked feeling of hearts, & fascinatingly captured in words, i must admit. nice imagery. looking forward to your work, shortly.

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