50-Word Story: Hauntings (For Toni & Vern)

Digital & Hand Illustration by Poet Rummager

He never really left.

His clothes and belongings were gone. Yet, every time I made tea or pet the cat, he sat there. Every time I bathed, his hands were soaping me. Having lunch with friends, I’d glance at my phone; expecting him to call.

He’ll never set me free.

“… but real hauntings have nothing to do with ghosts finally; they have to do with the menace of memory.” Β -Anne Rice


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  1. Splendid story in a few words, Rose. I can’t decide if the person misses someone she loved (my first thought), or if it’s something more menacing, which is how it sounds at the end. Your painting does seem haunting! πŸ™‚

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  2. You’re so good at fifty word stories. I don’t imagine there is anyone who can’t connect with this in some way.
    The header on your site is beautiful. The illustration for this post is great as well.

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  3. I think there is a tinge of desperation here, especially paired with the (wonderful) art. But hauntings don’t have to be bad, and perhaps the tone will change with time. (K)

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    • Maybe hate will just conjure up a violent ghost! Lol. Isn’t it crazy how one can fall head over heels with someone and then end up hating them? Familiarity does breed contempt. Sad but sometimes a necessity to sever that cord. Yes, you’re so right, Cathy. Then afterwards, we can write about all the jerks that have come into our lives. Maybe even turn them into monsters for a story. 😜. Thank you, my darkling friend. x

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  4. I am not sure if this is romantic, as my first interpretation; or creepy, being literally haunted by some supernatural beings; or better yet a ghost …whichever is correct though i am sure we all agree to one thing-this is again one of your best short stories..(if that’s how its called)..

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  5. To be haunted by lost love is one of the most dreadful things we can experience I often think. Your story has bottled this feeling perfectly, Rose. It’s the ordinary things like taking a bath together that have a far greater impact on our souls than those hideous and staged romantic dinners in a restaurant. xoxo πŸ’•

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    • You’d think that it would be dreadful, but my mom says the opposite. My dad passed away two years ago. They had a marriage rife with arguments and yelling. She still feels like he’s around and absolutely loves it. She even asks for a table for two when she goes out to eat. Very strange, but we cope in different ways, I guess. Thanks for such an insightful comment!πŸ’‹ πŸ’

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