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Blue lives with me here.

He likes to frown and sip tea

that’s made from my tears.

By Poet Rummager

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When I’m in motion,
I can express my emotion.
But watch out for my poisonous potion
If you destroy my reputation
By saying my breath smells like air pollution.

 Karina Pinella


I do write about happy things but, I think it’s probably easier to put our more melancholy feelings down than our happy ones. Documenting them helps us work through the emotions.



Well, I think for me there must be the mood for writing too… contemplative sometimes…. it’s all fun, right? Ah, music does inspire!


When I’m feeling rather melancholy, it’s a lot easier to write. If I’m in a happy mood, I tend to be silly and restless. The pen just jumps out of my hand!

Do you find that certain emotions drive your creativity? Answer my question, and I’ll publish your blog and writing within this post. Better yet, you’ll also get a chance to win Ali’s cute Blue Mini-Monster Hama Bead Painting! International writers are welcome to participate, as well.

A Word From Ali Curtis of Cyclop
I am from Oakland, California. I’ve been living in Humboldt County for 8 years.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Teaching Credential.
I am a teacher at a beautiful rural school near the ocean.
I focus on creating things that bring happiness to people.
In this world we are constantly inundated with negativity, whether it be in the
media, in your personal life, or in the lives of others surrounding you.
I am trying to bring something to the world that makes you just stop
and smile for a second.

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