Photo by Gokhan Okur of Freeimages.com


You want only me

despite my coldness.

No softness do I convey.

You keep me close –

stroking me in endless foreplay.

When I’m empty,

I tell you –

demanding to be filled.

Stop my hunger.

I whimper.

You quiver.

I’ve broken your will.

You squeeze me.

I scream.

My sounds reverberating

in your heart,

in your ears.

You need me always near.

Here in your hand is where I belong.

There’s no one else who gives so much.

Keep me loaded and always ready.

I’m the one –

your ever trusty,

never unwavering,

sexy six shot,

double revolver,

.44 Magnum cartridge



Meet an unusual man with a penchant for danger and a deadly obsession by clicking

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  1. Guns…I have mixed feelings on them. I prefer blades, they don’t run out of bullets and are much more personal. Still, Guns get the job done and generally end it all quickly and I like and respect that.

    It is a feeling of power shooting them, but I feel it false. Usually guns are used by cowards. I’m not speaking on those defending themselves, just that there are far more used by criminals for less than ideal reasonings.

    At any rate, I love the poem and in regards to the link, I’m still laughing about Big Boy. Might be my favorite character. Xp

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    • Yes, for the most part, I agree with you about guns. My husband has a Glock, but he’s in the military, so it makes sense he’d have a gun. We both know where it is in case something happens.

      Big Boy the bear! Haha. Yeah, stick around, and you’ll meet more characters from the mind of Fly. Thank you for your well developed comments — I appreciate you taking the time. I’ll visit your excellent blog later tonight. xo

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      • I consider military or former military as those defending themselves and others. So I totally get the gun thing there, and I’m all for gun rights, so don’t want that being misinterpreted.

        Oh, and yes “Big Boy The Mad Circus Bear” is my favorite thus far. I can’t help it. I like the sheer randomness and the brutality. ^_^ Sorry I didn’t get back sooner. Yesterday was an extremely long day (in a good way) and I crashed from like 6 pm till 5:30 this morning.

        Looking forward to Friday.

        Thanks for the reply and the great poetry.

        Cheers! ^_^

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        • Oh, I understood what you were saying about guns. No worries.

          Anything “long” is usually a good thing 😉 Now, with all that rest, you won’t run out of energy writing your masterpieces!

          Thanks so much, Sin. xo

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          • Haha! I appreciate your humor. Xp It’s been a long and exhausting week, but the week is almost over and yesterday we got really good news in terms of starting processes to get out of our present living situation.

            Hopefully things continue on the up and up, and it’s Thursday so I’m sure I can push through being Friday is right around the corner. I am glad you think I write masterpieces. That is high praise and I appreciate it. I am quite sure sometimes these things quite literally write themselves.

            I’m not sure when I’ll have the next entry up but it will be today sometime. Kind of waiting for these inspections that could happen any time this week or maybe happened yesterday (We may never know). Xp Such a drain when you have an inspection that could happen anytime during a given week.

            Anywho, I hope you are having an amazing day and I’m hoping in the near future to have more energy than anyone here has ever witnessed me having. (That will even be before Coffee). Xp

            Cheers! ^_^

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  2. This reminded me a little of one of those great old Anglo-Saxon poetic riddles we were asked to read at university. I could tell you were describing something, but I was sure what it was going to be until the twist at the end. 🙂

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