The Moon Knows

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–



The moon promised to keep secret
the darkness I keep in my pocket.
She saw me one night as I grinned
at the blackest of all of my sins.
Her light illuminated down on me,
and I heard her gasp quietly.
Not to worry, she whispered,
“Your secret’s safe. I give you my word.”
Yet I sit here and worry
as she smiles much too contently.
The stars twinkle and wink.
Is she telling them things?



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  1. I really adore this, it is very inspiring! I think in terms of paintings most of the time, and it just makes my head conjure up sweetly dark images of the night sky. The moon is not always our friend, she gives and takes like the tides. But how beautifully annihilating she is when we hold darkness close. Thank you for this! It was lovely to read 🙂

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  2. Some of us are moon-gazers, and are effected by her many faces, some of us know that she is of huge influence on how we ‘hang’ in there; in the grand scheme of things. Wonderful dreamy words, Poet.

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    • That’s such a fascinating way to see the moon, Paula! I know of people who say their moods are connected to the lunar stages. Thank you for that thoughtful comment.


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