Enraged Moon

Photo by Derrick J. Knight

Moon and beech


The moon glared at the snow on the land.

Winter’s grasp had clutched on far too long.

Icicle fangs glinting; terrified Spring – 

who hesitated to unpack in fear of getting frostbitten.

Pity Spring whose baggage was left untouched,

and mischievous Winter froze the lock tightly shut.

In a death hold embrace, sleet suffocated the flowers.

The petals screaming for air, languished and cowered.

The enraged moon saw all this and called to the sun –

to shine on Winter until the ice in her heart was gone.

Now powerless and weak, the frosty queen was defeated.

All the flowers, plants, and trees of the land celebrated. 

Yet there in the shadows, see her with hands wringing.

Winter, with her devilish grin, continues scheming.


The photograph above is by Derrick J. Knight (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤