Lily Loves Billy (A Poem by AJ O’Brien & Rose Perez)

Title Card by –FlyTrapMan–



Night, come the night
they stalk the land,
a man and a woman
searching, hand in hand.
Each are in need
of their daily bread,
to kill a black hunger
that must be fed.

So young and pretty
and she walks alone –
whispering, giggling,
talking to her phone.

The road lies empty
and all is quiet, so still.
They pick up their pace –
greedy for the coming kill.
With radiant smiles,
both approach the prey.
Darling girl,
we’ve lost our way.

Chewing her gum,
she blows a pink bubble,
but before it can pop,
down comes trouble.

Lily caresses her sweet neck
and stares into blue eyes.
Time no longer exists,
the poor girl is hypnotized.
With music from the wind,
Billy takes her by the hand.
They begin to dance,
and so the girl is damned.

Lily joins in; swirling her skirt
and bites the girl’s face.
Sweet blood does flow,
and their pulses race.

Her throat is sliced
with a razor fine.
They both move in
and ravenously dine.
Whispers Lily with bloody lips,
Her heart is mine.
Of course dear, replies Billy,
because you’re my Valentine.


Poem Collaboration with AJ O’Brien. (Click HERE to visit and follow his blog). ❀

Title Card by FlyTrapMan (Click HERE to visit and follow his blog). ❀


  1. As the blood rushes to my head
    The anger is unleashed
    The only calm that I can rely on
    Is the ice water running through my veins
    As I step aside
    I confront the nite
    As sleep was the roommate
    I just kicked out
    The Sheldon Perspective

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    • I love this very much. I’ve sold my collages online but stopped because of work. It would be fun to collaborate on poetry and art in the future (on our blogs). What do you think? Please email me at to let me know. No pressure and no worries if you decide against it, but I hope you’d say, “yes.” I will still be your friend if you say “no.” πŸ™‚

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