Hot Chocolate


Stirring hot chocolate in the pot –
thinking of him, she bites her lip –
into the concoction, a drop of blood.

Behind her, she feels him approach.
Feverish hands finding skin
underneath layers of clothes.

Hot chocolate simmers in the heat.
Steamed milk and marshmallow cream
intermix with deep kisses.

Stir of passion – stir of heat –
seared lips burning trails on skin –
hunger for sugar – thirst for sweet.


*Fly’s Hot Chocolate (Click here to visit his blog). ❀


(Photo by


  1. This seems like the kind of poem best read aloud to you in a room lit only by fireplace by a person who is nude and you are very much attracted to. In my humble opinion.

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  2. Scalding, woman, I can barely touch the keyboard to type this comment. I think it is wonderful that a woman such as yourself, advanced in years, can still remember the distant pass of youth and romance. I, on the other hand, appreciate all the wisdom you share for one day I shall emerge from my adolescence into the world of adulthood with the need to satisfy the woman that my hands reach out to caressing her body in the manner you describe. Preferring to keep divorce lawyers unemployed, I do pray it is my wife!

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