I Bleed


Wings flutter in the night –

he’s out to feed.

Calling to him,

I expose my neck.

He pierces my skin

with white sharp teeth.

I welcome the pain,

and I bleed.


(Photo from Freeimages.com)


  1. The ultimate sacrifice; giving up one’s mortal soul for another (also known as “marriage” πŸ™‚ ) Since you are a proponent of vaccinations, I hope this proves that even if she had her tetanus vaccine, the life she had known could not have been saved! Hell, if she didn’t die from the bite, she would have likely suffered aluminum toxicity (the adjuvant found in the tetanus vaccine) causing neurological impairment. This would have likely limited her life’s choices and capabilities leaving her alone in the shell of an empty soul; OR she would have been just fine! πŸ˜€

    This poem is really interesting because it elicited an initial emotional response of Passion and Love rather than Mortality and Death. There was no brutality; it embraced the concept of soulmate. The blood wasn’t viewed as the ending of one’s life, but rather the beginning of an eternal “life.”
    High Five, Rose!

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    • Amazing. I am in awe, Dr. J; in awe, I say! I love how you deconstruct my poems in such a comical and medical way which makes sense — you are a doctor with a very wicked sense of humor!

      All I can say is your wife is very lucky to have found you; to which I know with your gallantry, you’ll probably reply that you’re the lucky one😊

      Laughing and swooning at the same time as I high five YOU! βœ‹πŸ’₯πŸ’‹

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  2. LeStadt watched the girl laugh as she bled,

    Should he have picked another, instead?

    His face crossed in a frown

    As he flopped to the ground:

    Zombies Princesses are also Undead!

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