My Friend


A warming caress I felt on my arm
as I slept.
Sunshine tickles my lashes –
smiling as the light wakes me.

The dark seemed so far away.
Coffee in my cup –
liquid fever sliding down my throat.
Its high temperature keeping cold at bay.

A rapping at my window startles me.
Oh, silly, only branches scraping glass!

I laugh; willing the happy noise to push
back at the shadows trying hard to slither
onto my skin and lingering –
studying my pores; seeking a way within.

Running outside, I find a patch of sun –
soaking as much light as I can
and yet, I hear the creep, creep, creep
of his footfalls as he draws so near.

Hiding the light, a cloud chuckles.
I’m left in the gloom again
as darkness envelopes me in his arms.
He kisses my hand; reassuring me that he’s my friend.


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