Perpetual Sleep


A daughter was born.

No cries. No hugs. Sadness deep.

Mom and babe asleep.


*Inspired by the post, Coffin Birth found at The Playground.

(Photo by


  1. You are the second person in 2 days that there button have disappeared. No more pushing Rummager’s button lol Poetry is always witty when you hold a pen to it. How did he or she Thumbup insert a gif let alone a photo in comments to you??????? Help me now .

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  2. I mean no offense, because in Peru we have a quite dark humor, but I cannot avoid to think in a joke… Joseph (Jesus’ father) is crying in a corner of the city and his friends ask him “Are you ok? Why are you crying?”, then he replies “It’s my wife, she just gave birth”, and they were confused so they say “Then, why the sadness?” and he says “because I wanted a girl!” xP

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  3. I had to follow the link to find out what a coffin birth was. I’m not sure anyone could do a much better job of writing a haiku about such a sad topic. I’m doubt any approach other than pathos is really appropriate.

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