Phantom sleep gripped her

Pinned to the bed and frozen

Hands roved all over

*I experience phantom sleep a few times a year. I’ve had the sensation of hands touching me and have heard voices on occasion. It can be pretty frightful, but once in awhile, the “phantom” will surprise me and touch me just right. 


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you, I just discovered because of you what I suffer from! I almost had begun to think I needed a psychiatrist, thanks so much! 😂
    And oh, as always, all your pieces are wonderfully written, take care, best wishes 😃

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    • That’s a great question! I don’t think I’m a medium; perhaps when I was a child….I saw and experienced more unworldly things then. I do know that once I started keeping a writer’s journal, I’ve been experiencing phantom sleep a lot less. I don’t know if there’s a connection there, but I do like that these night terrors have dwindled. I appreciate your comments and really enjoy your visits. Thank you sir! Cheers to you! 🍷


    • That’s hilarious! I guess your ghost must be an artist, as well.. .a photographer who also smokes and wears a cool beanie😜 These episodes aren’t as common anymore, so I’m really happy about that. They feel as if you’re tied up with duct tape over your mouth so no one can hear you scream,and you can’t fight back. It only lasts about 10-15 seconds, but it’s quite terrifying. Always love hearing from you! Thanks Doug. 😘

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