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Monster Masquerade – Training

Training (Gif by MegaEggz ~ Haiku by Poet Rummager)   Training in moonlight, Demon perfects his head spins for Halloween night.   *Amazing animation by Josh of MegaEggz! (Click here to visit and… Continue reading

Blood Clouds

The hungry blood clouds reaching for the crescent moon only caught his grin. *Breathtaking photo by FlyTrapMan. ❤

The Moon’s Demise

  The moon tumbled down. Its string snapped by space debris. Stars reached out. Too late.     (Photo by Depositphotos.com)

Beckoning Moon

  Full moon beckons him; White alabaster roundness. Nice butt, he whispers. Haiku usually appear without punctuation marks at the end of each line, but I added a semicolon and threw in a… Continue reading

Giver of Sleep

Goddess Nyx tucked Sky In star drenched blankets and gave Him the moon to hold *The Greek Goddess, Nyx is known as the “giver of sleep.”  She’s found in the shadows of the… Continue reading