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Monster Masquerade: Don’t Look Under The Bed

Don’t Look Under The Bed By FlyTrapMan The sun vanished. Night arrived. I shiver. My sleep is deprived. Oh…just the crickets…it’s nothing. Scratch Scratch Scratch …Wait! I think I hear something!

Conquering the Shadow

https://www.flickr.com/photos/atomicslaps/22017746968/in/photostream/ The dark reached for me. I laughed aloud and stood tall, so it let me be.   *Shadow photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit his blog). ❤


Texting him all night, She didn’t know he was in Her bedroom closet   *GIF from http://www.smoothfm.com.au


 (Photo from Wallpoper.com) Rain obliterates Blood evidence and makes me Sigh with much relief

Digital Tea

Finger sandwiches Savoring. Taste you; taste me Don’t bite fingernails *This haiku was inspired by a funny conversation I was having with the irrepressible Tripleclicka.

An Escape

At her throat, he pressed The knife and told her to strip She leaned on the blade


She arched her back, stretching from a luxurious nap. Smiling, she recalled her dream of silken sheets and warm milk. Abruptly, the hair stood at the base of her neck, suddenly aware of eyes… Continue reading

A Garden Dark

In a garden, dark He grasped and swung a rock, hard Felled brother Abel

The Sacrifice

His son on a slab He sobbed, raising the knife high Angel staid his hand *This haiku, as many may know, was inspired by the story of Abraham and Isaac from The Bible’s Old Testament. … Continue reading

Dance in the Dark

Dance with a vampire Full of grace. Be sure he’s fed Or he’ll eat your face *My silly writings are inspired by the things I find. Please see my About page to find… Continue reading