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She had wounded him. Her daggers were put away when she dropped her gaze.   *To shoot daggers with your eyes, means giving someone an angry or dirty look. (Photo from Freeimages.com)

50 Word Story – Cold Shoulder

She was turned away from him, and he felt her distance. He closed the gap between them, reached out, and caressed her cheek. No response. He felt anger welling up inside. “You wouldn’t… Continue reading

My Father’s Rain

  Make the rain touch his soul. Water down the anger.   Thunder booms in the skies where the dark filters out any light.   Falling drops find his heart. Simmer down the… Continue reading

All the Other Tools

It ended in the shed down in the woods where daddy keeps his tools.   Mama was crying. I saw her through the window. Her face wet with tortured tears.   She twisted… Continue reading

Under Your Armor of Anger

In my pocket, I keep regrets. Now and then, I take them out, hold them in my hand, and I look at them. Their edges are sharp. They cut deep and leave scars.… Continue reading