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Too Much

  Pressed against me tight, I can’t breathe and realize – You suffocate me.   Have you ever had a lover that smothered you way too much? Read about the perils of dating… Continue reading

Three Haiku Poem: Suck the Poison

  Tie you to my heart – so tight the rope makes a mark. I want it to burn.   In pain, you grimace at the cruel words I say. I know I’m… Continue reading

Piercing Love

Photo by –FlyTrapMan– You love me, I know – yet you prick and drain my soul like a mosquito.   Still hungry? Come and explore a wicked tale about voracious appetites by clicking… Continue reading

Body Language

  They rubbed to ignite a fire which consumed their thoughts. Words weren’t needed now.   (Photo by Dany Sabadini of


  I lost you today. There’s an ache deep in my soul. Where the hell’s my phone?   (Photo by T. Rin of


Fire within burning. Forces fight to cool me down. I’ll dance in the storm.   *Inspired by a candle in the wind (image by Ruben Van Dijk of

An Inconvenient Passenger

Photo by Paula C. Graham   In my heart, you’ve caught a ride. At the next stop, love, please find your way out.   The photograph above is by Paula C. Graham (Click… Continue reading

No Escape

  Houdini would frown if he knew the way my heart is shackled to you.   (photo by Ali Halit Diker of


Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Behold Sirius –   to strengthen her desire and weaken his restrain.   *Sirius is the brightest star (in fact, a star system) in the Earth’s night sky. The… Continue reading

Love Sick

GIF by megaeggz   I need to sneeze you out of my heart, so I don’t   bleed internally.   Animation by megaeggz (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤