3 Haiku Poems – Kingfisher, Stars, & Moon

Kingfisher Photo by Paula Graham
Click on the photograph to visit Paula’s Gallery.


If you were a bird

You’d dazzle in hues of blues

Stunning, morose you


You call to the stars

Wings spread out to collect them

Laughter from afar


Fishing for the moon

Never reaching yet so sure

You will catch it soon

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    • 😆. I’ll forever be hooving and horning. I’m back, because I’ve started a new job. It helps to write; very meditative. Not sure how long I’ll stay, but I’m trying to be more consistent. And you?

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    • As for me I don’t know about posting it is becoming with fewer postings. I have finished my first book with only the glossary and the references to do and sending it to a professional editor. And then I will look for a publisher. I have started on 2 books which I may merge into one. I haven’t decided yet and if I do the second book will be halfway to being published. It is on homesteading with lots of humor that I will inject.

      I feel the same way about you when we dance with words and wit. I feel alive. Be well my friend

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  1. Collecting stars with my wings… I read once Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon. The title made me think I was about to read something as beautiful as these your haikus, Rose. Thank you, star maker ^_^

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