Sepia-Tinted Memories

This magnificent photograph was created by the extraordinary Paula Graham.
Click on the image of the sprocket to visit Paula’s stunning gallery.

Wheels turning

As I sat there gazing.

Yet you never knew it.

I’d recorded these moments.

My mind captured all the essence of you.

These cogs at times squeak

protesting endless repeats

of these sepia-tinted memories.

Reliving them over and over.

My brain can’t get over

The many wonders

I remember of you.

* Scientists theorize that the ability to remember in color fades as we age – which essentially means that our memories begin to resemble sepia-tinted photographs. (


  1. Wow! So Awesomely Amazing, My Dear!! You so perfectly captured the experience of memories returning over and over and over again – endlessly Looping!! Especially love your lines:
    “These cogs at times squeak
    protesting endless repeats
    of these sepia-tinted memories.
    Reliving them over and over.
    My brain can’t get over
    The many wonders
    I remember of you.”

    Loved the thought/message/title/feelings – Sepia Tinted – this has such an awesome visual associated with it of old/aged/treasured that makes it so perfect!! Memories, old but treasured and frayed around the edges from repeated viewing and remembering!! You are already getting me inspired – Thanks for that!! I love it when the soul of a writer reaches out to your heart through their words!!! Totally Awesome!! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!
    xoxo – 💖🌹😊

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    • It was a most fascinating article, Merril! Now, knowing about sepia-tinted memories makes my brain self-conscious, I think, and it tries very hard to tint my thoughts in vibrant colors😆 Paula’s photographs are striking, indeed! ❤️

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  2. This one reminds me of unrequited love. Which the Japanese say is the most pure and perfect kind of love, provided it is never expressed, which would ruin it. The Japanese are seldom wrong about matters of beauty, but…
    I wonder if memories of unrequited love sting a little less when they fade to sepia? You always give me so much to think about, Rose. So good to see you writing on a regular basis again.

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    • I loved hearing your interpretation of my poem, Oggy! That’s fascinating to hear how the Japanese define unrequited love. To me, unrequited love would be more tragic than it would be perfect. We should hope that by the time unrequited love fades to sepia, our sad lover has found their equal. Thank you 🌹

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  3. Wonderful imagery, and gorgeous way to have memories expressed… fading into colour…. I shall now think of a colour to associate with my memories….. what a wondrous and gorgeous concept….. maybe I’ll have a colour chart beside my bed….. 🛏️📊💖💛💚💙💜

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  4. If my memory of you loss colors I will paint in my mind your avatar : ) Indeed I had read in a related theme that schools should have textures and colors because children are absorbing the world, but for elders buildings have to be of muted colors and tranquil shapes because we grow indifferent to the input from the world.

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