Fremescent (For Julie)

Illustration by JulieFitzGeraldArt

Silence isn’t my friend –

although you’d never know it.

Outwardly, I can be quiet.

What does it matter what you’ve said,

when there’s so much screaming

going on in my own head?

The fremescent voices speak incessantly –

drowning the white noise of the TV.

Here in my easy chair I’ll sit,

yet nothing is ever easy, is it?

Inside, I just scream.


A Word From Julie

Julie FitzGerald is a mixed media artist based in Toronto. Her curiosity and imagination often take her on wild adventures, exploring the strange and mysterious worlds she loves to create.

She takes an intuitive approach to painting and drawing, and can usually be found in her studio with a cup of coffee and cat nearby.

Aside from her creative endeavours, Julie is passionate about nature and spends a lot of time outdoors.

Julie loves visiting galleries and museums, taking in a great book or movie, and listening to music.

Favourite artists include Rusudan Khizanishvili, Paul Ruiz, and Francis Bacon, to name just a few.


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  1. You’ve become noticeably more comfortable reading your poetry. The incessant voices and white noise of the TV from the poem go well with Julie’s illustration. Don’t keep those screams inside, though. They’ll screw up your brain. 🙂

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  2. The problem is that sometimes I can’t remember if I said it out loud or if it was just part of that endless inner monologue…(or maybe it was just something I heard someone else saying…) At any rate, you’ve captured the feeling well. (K)

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    • Lol. Ain’t that a fact! I love it when strangers near you start to walk slowly away like uh, oh, we gotz a crazy one here. Haha!! Yeah, I talk out loud in public on purpose — you get to be first in line all the time. 😆 Thanks for making me smile, K! 💋

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  3. I’ve known people who hate being by themselves because their mind is in constant turmoil without some sort of distraction. Now, if everyone were writers, they could put those screaming voices to productive use. 😉 Magnificent poem, Rose. And the drawing is captivating too.

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  4. This is so surreal… I love the illustration which empowers your words. I can see you sitting there quiet and relaxed but your eyes hint at the screaming mind. The average person wouldn;t notice, one must be observant. The darkness in your poetry is so alluring.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Many thanks, JC! Lol. Not all my poems are necessarily about me… although, Im not saying I’m completely sane. 😜 Julie Fitzgerald’s illustration was my inspiration. She’s truly amazing. I appreciate your attention to my work and love your comments. 💋

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  5. This is creative writing (thoughts) and very intriguing to read over and over. Good writing and very kind to share anothers art while letting it be the centered inspiration in direction!

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