Late at night, it knocks –

biting hard and holding fast.

Its name is “Regrets.”


Something else is biting at SlasherMonster!

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  1. Your haunting haiku fits the nasty knocker perfectly. While we are on the subject of regrets …

             Hundreds of regrets
             swarm like homeless bees until
             death stills all, at last.

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  2. I really feel this one. One of the things I hate most in the world is lying in bed and thinking back over all the things I regret. Once I start, I lose all hope for sleep that night. 😦

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    • Don’t you think that once in awhile it’s all right to let ourselves feel pain? It’s a kind of outpouring or cleansing of ones soul… sort of getting rid of that toxin we keep stashed inside (at least for the moment, and then we have room for better memories). ❤

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