Madness & Me



Do you hear me? he asked – only inches away.

I nodded, not trusting my words at the moment.

The things he whispered made me blush.

I cleared my throat; uncomfortable being so close.

About to move away, he caught my wrist.

Don’t leave, he insisted. You know you want this.

I looked into his eyes; wanting to say no –

but a part of me felt a rush that grabbed my throat.

I was powerless to let him go.

I’m connected to you as you are to me.

His words rang in my head like the pealing of a bell.

You’re mad, I told him through gritted teeth.

Madness, he agreed. Don’t worry; I won’t tell.

I collapsed in his arms, and he melted into me.

In my head, I hear him speak.

He tells me things wild and undeniably crazy.

Madness is his name, and my name’s the same.


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