Like Lego

Photo by Graham A Stephen (



Like Lego we fit nice and tight
under the sheet
where nightmares remain quiet.

When he’s next to me,
the dark doesn’t scratch; it doesn’t bite.
Nothing to be frightened about.

His deep breathing reassures me
sleep is not a fantasy.
I coax the sandman to take my hand.

With his arms encircling me,
my eyes drift shut and shadows leave.
The darkness whispers bravely –

I’ll be back when your love is gone.
Rest now, my dear and remember –
nightmares never ever stay away.


*Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤


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  1. Just when I thought that drifting off to sleep was safe, you had to remind me that nightmares will soon follow. I like the picture of the married couple providing a safety net preventing nightmares from entering. Any message that supports and encourages positive attributes from nuptials receives a thumbs up from me. Much enjoyed.

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  2. Hey, maybe that’s why the spider a few poems back kept her love trapped! That would be one way to stop those spider nightmares. (I wonder what spiders have nightmares about, by the way. Perhaps little boys with magnifying glasses and leg-pulling tweezers.)

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