Sundown Syndrome

Photo by Graham A Stephen (


She’s sweet at daytime.

When the light begins to fade,

her demons escape.


*Haiku was inspired by the film, The Visit in which there
is a reference to Sundowning, or Sundown Syndrome. It seems to be triggered by fading light, and symptoms can get worse as the night goes on. (

*Haiku is dedicated to Garry Maurice of Some Kind of Blog who wrote an outstanding film review of The Visit (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❀


  1. Your poem does the diagnosis justice. It is a horrible condition that I have witnessed personally in people as well as animals. It is gut wrenching to witness because there are no solutions. It simulates autism as the sun sets. I hope your readers NEVER have to experience or witness this condition.

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  2. I’m an OT and many of my patients, particularly those with Alzheimer’s or other dementia, suffer from Sundowners. Very difficult to deal with, for the family, staff of a facility, and the patient themselves. My oldest son, 12, is autistic, but he’s not had this issue. In fact, he sleeps like a log. Hope that continues.

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