Photo by Graham A Stephen (



Her tongue like an axe –

blade sharpened every morning,

cutting through bullshit.


**Dedicated to my Grandmother Pillar.

*Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❀


    • Fascinating how a female who can speak her mind must be a hard boiled exec! What would a man be who can cut through the bs? He wouldn’t necessarily be a business executive, would he? Just a normal everyday guy would fit the bill.

      I’m not being disrespectful, Dr. J.; just pointing out the stereotypes that are hard to shake even today. I, myself, have to shake those off, too. Thank you for your comment!

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      • No disrespect taken. If you had written the same poem using “His Tongue” I would have made the same type of comment using someone like Steve Jobs instead. The image the poem created wasn’t based on gender; it was based on a no bullshit attitude. I personally see the corporate world (not individual genders) living this belief.

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  1. Sounds like a no-nonsense kind of person. The poem also makes me think about Lizzie Borden from your 50 Word Story. If she’d just used her tongue as an axe instead of using her axe as an axe, dandelion magic might have been strong enough after all.

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