Lunch Is On Me

Death is at my side

No need for a funeral

Vultures fly above

*Magnificent photo of a Vulture by FlyTrapMan.


  1. Well hello Mrs. Sweeney Todd! What a pleasant invitation for lunch.
    I don’t know… even though roadside kill is untainted by GMO grain feeding as well as hormones and antibiotics, the latest research shows that red meat might contribute to disease anyway especially if it has been run over by several automobiles and trucks and left on the streets baking in the sun for several hours. Sure, it’s all natural except for the remnants of synthetic rubber from the tires. On the positive side, vultures avoid the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines (carcinogenic compounds) that cooking roadside kill on a grill or at high temperatures on an oven produces. I’m not quite sure, but processed food is starting to sound pretty darn good at this moment!

    It looks like I have my work cut out if I am going to save you from the dark side!!

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    • You do *not* know how much I look forward to your comments and also the anticipation knowing that I’ll probably be laughing quite heartily! Well, you didn’t disappoint me 😀

      I need the dark to write my stuff — gee, doctors are always trying to save people 🙂

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