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Come and Go

Ghosts make bad boyfriends They come unexpectedly Then just disappear *My silly writings are inspired by the things I find.  Please see my About page for the link to  my ebay store.

Angel’s Fall

Angel fell to earth She patted her head. I said, Hi! She said, Halo?   *My silly writings are inspired by the things I find.  Please click on my About page to see… Continue reading

Night Travels

Somber words floating, stretching and seeking the veiled recesses of my heart. The chambers sealed shut, preventing light’s touch where aphotic thoughts reign as kings. Sight of night skies makes the blood flow… Continue reading

Dance in the Dark

Dance with a vampire Full of grace. Be sure he’s fed Or he’ll eat your face *My silly writings are inspired by the things I find. Please see my About page to find… Continue reading

Sweet Murder

Someone shot Cupcake in the garden. Pink and white frosting splashed on leaves   Thank you, Mr. Att, for the use of your beautiful photo! xo, Rose ***Click here to see more of… Continue reading

Sticky Situation

Headless Horseman knocks I open the door. He asks, May I borrow glue?

The Cat Did It

Toy head on my chair My cat, Timi’s telling me, Play with me or else *Our cat, Timid (Timi), loves her toys and has decapitated one of them, or so it seems and… Continue reading


The devil tempts me Cookies for your soul, dear child? Oreos? Hell, yeah! *We only have one Old World Christmas sandwich cookie ornament left  *SOLD* in our ebay store for $7.99 including U.S.… Continue reading


What a little shit! She admired her dainty work Then shut the toilet lid. *Believe it or not, this immature haiku was inspired by an unsuspecting fortune cookie which had this innocent message in its crack:… Continue reading

Two Minus One

Two birds in the sky One pooped on my new Mustang One bird in the sky *My silly writings are inspired by the things I find.  Please see my About page for the link… Continue reading