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The earth gasps and quakes Alien spaceships invade We are in deep shit Thank you, Mega, for the use of your cool animation! xo, Rose ***Click here to experience MegaEggz’ off the wall… Continue reading

A Garden Dark

In a garden, dark He grasped and swung a rock, hard Felled brother Abel

Encumbered Heart

Hear how this flawed heart Encumbered and marked with sins Sings when you touch me

The Sacrifice

His son on a slab He sobbed, raising the knife high Angel staid his hand *This haiku, as many may know, was inspired by the story of Abraham and Isaac from The Bible’s Old Testament. … Continue reading

Sweet Deceit

She plucked the apple He bit it; luscious and sweet Watching, the snake smiled


She sheared his long hair Waking, he stumbled and fell Delilah! He screamed *This amazing and one-of-a-kind pair of scissors is available in my ebay store. Please see my About page for the… Continue reading

Winter’s Thaw

Winter whispers as I rest. The head cold I feel is its fingers’ caress. My heart is a snow globe in my chest; swirling, drifting, icy. Cold surrounds like a thickened cloak. It… Continue reading


Dark alleys beckon Light fades and grim thoughts pervade Moral compass lost

Lost at Sea

Sail away with me. No one would find you; only the crabs in the sea. *My writings are inspired by the things I find.  Please visit my About page for the link to… Continue reading

Frowner King

The throne of brooding Awaits the sulky ruler Smiles aren’t welcomed here