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Needing you invades My thoughts and the hunger grows I want pizza now

An Escape

At her throat, he pressed The knife and told her to strip She leaned on the blade


Raped and left to die Her gown filthy and tattered Poor Mother Earth weeps *I just finished watching the documentary film, The True Cost, which highlights fashion as a $2.5 trillion dollar business that’s only… Continue reading

Prince Pervert

The sleeping princess Makes prince crave more than a kiss Chaperoned visits


She cursed from the pain An arrow lodged in her chest Ah, damn you, Cupid

A King’s Fall

From his castle’s roof He watched her disrobe, then bathe Oh, to be her soap


She arched her back, stretching from a luxurious nap. Smiling, she recalled her dream of silken sheets and warm milk. Abruptly, the hair stood at the base of her neck, suddenly aware of eyes… Continue reading


I heard you smiling It crackled through the concrete The sound scared my cat *Today I made our grumpy neighbor smile.  He asked me if I knew who parked a car in front… Continue reading


Last date with Freddy He keeps picking his boogers I want to vomit *I see people doing this on the bus. One of my biggest pet peeves. Ugh!

The Nile

Watery Chaos As soldiers were swallowed up Then calmness regained