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Phantom sleep gripped her Pinned to the bed and frozen Hands roved all over *I experience phantom sleep a few times a year. I’ve had the sensation of hands touching me and have… Continue reading


An old man fell down Help me, he begged. Unmoved, his cat merely stared back. *Pictured is my favorite cat figurine from Victorian England.  It’s not for sale, but I thought I’d share it with… Continue reading


Music to her lips Clutching his harmonica Up and down she goes


 (Photo from Coup De Foudre) I gaze in your eyes waiting with abated breath as they glaze over


 (Photo from Wallpoper.com) Rain obliterates Blood evidence and makes me Sigh with much relief

A Gift

Unwrap me, she said He did, but afterwards thought Can I return this?

Digital Tea

Finger sandwiches Savoring. Taste you; taste me Don’t bite fingernails *This haiku was inspired by a funny conversation I was having with the irrepressible Tripleclicka.


My dentist loves me Cavities from your kisses Much too sweet a treat   ***This haiku was inspired by Dr. Jonathan Neal Colter’s latest post on The Benefits of Sugar. Click here to read… Continue reading

For Breakfast

Don’t give me your heart I’ll devour it with pancakes And maple syrup

Mad Love

 (Photo from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior) I first saw you in the corner store buying a pack of cigarettes dressed in black and looking like Mad Max. You smiled at me,… Continue reading