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Love Sick

GIF by megaeggz   I need to sneeze you out of my heart, so I don’t   bleed internally.   Animation by megaeggz (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤

Dead Things: A Friendly Favor

  Adrift He charged; mouth open. Teeth and nails prepared to tear. No recognition.   Above is Dead Things Episode 2, an exhilarating horror film by the multi-talented, Matt W. Childs (FlyTrapMan). ☠… Continue reading

Dead Things From Beyond the Grave

  Ravenous Hunger in his soul festers beyond his control – lost in the shadows.   ✨✨✨ Above is a brilliant macro film by the multi-talented, FlyTrapMan. Click here to read and follow… Continue reading

Monster Masquerade – Training

Training (Gif by MegaEggz ~ Haiku by Poet Rummager)   Training in moonlight, Demon perfects his head spins for Halloween night.   *Amazing animation by Josh of MegaEggz! (Click here to visit and… Continue reading

Live Wire

Electricity Rubbing against each other Danger! High Voltage   *Amazing animation by Josh of MegaEggz ❤ Haiku was inspired by the song, Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six

Nuclear Breakfast

  Eggs from Chernobyl Excited to try. Exude Pulsating colors   Thank you, Josh, for the use of your amazing animation! xo, Rose ***Click here to experience MegaEggz’ off the wall animation, art,… Continue reading


The earth gasps and quakes Alien spaceships invade We are in deep shit Thank you, Mega, for the use of your cool animation! xo, Rose ***Click here to experience MegaEggz’ off the wall… Continue reading