Under Your Armor of Anger

In my pocket, I keep regrets. Now and then, I take them out, hold them in my hand, and I look at them. Their edges are sharp. They cut deep and leave scars.… Continue reading

The Voices

After a long day at the office, Dr. Scott Petit couldn’t wait to get home.  As he approached his car, what appeared to be a sleeping squirrel on his hood turned out to… Continue reading

DIY Sola Flower Bouquets

I got married on May 30th of this year, and when I was contemplating wedding bouquets, I knew that I wanted something made from nature.  I love real flowers but have always felt… Continue reading


She turned her face to the sun, hoping to feel its warmth.  There was a breeze in the air. She knew this from the swaying trees.  Sighing, she walked towards the cliff; mesmerized… Continue reading

Banjo Creek – Part I

Grandpa loved to fish and would rise when the sun did. He’d take his trusty wooden pail and his walking stick. In turtle pace, he’d plod down Longman’s Trail to the Banjo Creek.… Continue reading

God Still Loves Emma Sue

I ain’t gonna wear my hat, mama, she announced with her chin fiercely squared. Emma Sue, you know good women folk wear hats.  There aint never been no questions ‘bout that! If I… Continue reading

The Irreverent Gravedigger

The gravedigger leaned on his shovel, glaring up at the sun, annoyed. Sweat made dirt trails down his dusty face, drenching his shirt wet. He was digging a hole for a lady, cursing… Continue reading

Waiting for My Ship to Sail

Rickety rocking chair rocks back and forth as I wait for my ship to set sail. Big dreams scamper across my pillow as I snore to the sound of waves crashing . I… Continue reading

Chicks, Music & Wine

Neighbor nun knocked on my door with a rosary, shoving it into my hands. I hear you on weekends, she muttered, with your chicks, your wine and your loud, bad music. I’ve been… Continue reading