I Prefer Midnight

I prefer midnight, dancing in the corner, in the quiet, no longer chasing buses with babies crying while mothers seeking solitude nap with one eye open. I prefer midnight, shunning the glare of… Continue reading

Like A Stone – by Nick Gibbs

Wings aloft she soars circling the ordinary in gun-sight silhouette. I’ll cut her from the sky and fold her to the ground still wet. This intriguing poem was written by Nick Gibbs. (Photograph… Continue reading

A Mouthful

Oh, bite me he said He tasted just like chicken Now he walks limping *My silly writings are inspired by the things I find.  Please see my About page for the link to… Continue reading

Kaboom Boom

It’s Fourth of July A firecracker held too long I now have two mouths *My silly writings are inspired by things I find. Please see my About Page for the link to my… Continue reading

No One Else Around

Lovely girl of six with hair of gold and face of innocence. I felt a bump in my blanket, a lump unmoving and steadfast. It was her doll; face contorted, clothes in pieces,… Continue reading

Come Clean

She makes love to ghosts No cleaning necessary They bring their own sheets *My silly writings are inspired by the things I find.  Please see my About Page for a link to my ebay… Continue reading

The Chair

The chair waits for him He sits most reluctantly Electricity

On Par

Was she staring at him? Feeling panicked, he hastily pulled on his jacket. He could feel the skin on his arms shrink from the fabric. I have no other choice, he whispered, trying… Continue reading

All the Other Tools

It ended in the shed down in the woods where daddy keeps his tools.   Mama was crying. I saw her through the window. Her face wet with tortured tears.   She twisted… Continue reading

Fighting with the Devil

Juan goes to church, because he sees the devil in his dreams.  He wakes up in the middle of the night with sweat streaming down his body. “I don’t know why he don’t… Continue reading