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The Things He Saw

  They thought him charming, but they didn’t know, the things he saw in his head.   (Photo from   Book Trailer by –FlyTrapMan–

50 Word Story – The Spider Tree

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   The spider tree hunkered down; waiting. Squirrels looked away when footsteps on the forest floor signaled a prey. With chainsaw ready to tear down wood, the lumberjack was its… Continue reading

Fiery Promise

  Love me from afar with sweet thoughts. If you get close, I will consume you.   💥🔥💥This Haiku is dedicated to Joshua of Reader’s Daydream in response to his superb poem, Sunlight… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Not Me

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   She cowered against the fence while others around her screamed. She remained calm and hopeful. Take her, him or them, she prayed quietly, but not me.… Continue reading

A Burning Farewell

*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   The sun rose dazzling in colors of fire as it set her skin aflame.   *Inspired by the novel, Carmilla,  written in 1872 by Joseph Le Fanu, which was… Continue reading