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Pink Icing Just out of his reach, Pop Tart flaunts her pink icing. Delicious nightmare.   *Inspired by a conversation with Francis of Qhapaq. xo *Yummy photo by FlyTrapMan. ❤

Necklace of Dew Drops     She died from a broken heart under a fallen tree where spiders found her and took pity on the young girl – weaving her a gown of leaves and a… Continue reading

Blood Clouds

The hungry blood clouds reaching for the crescent moon only caught his grin. *Breathtaking photo by FlyTrapMan. ❤


In his prison cell, iron bars and chains were forged when she broke his heart.   *Amazing photo by Francis of Qhapaq ❤

Sugary Stars

We fly through night skies Handful of sugary stars I feed Pegasus   *Spectacular photo from FlyTrapMan

The Grigori

Rain from rumbling clouds Hurtled from heaven, pelted The fallen angels   *Stunning Photo from Francis of Qhapaq -The Grigori were a group of fallen angels who mated with mortal women.

Beckoning Moon

  Full moon beckons him; White alabaster roundness. Nice butt, he whispers. Haiku usually appear without punctuation marks at the end of each line, but I added a semicolon and threw in a… Continue reading

Nuclear Breakfast

  Eggs from Chernobyl Excited to try. Exude Pulsating colors   Thank you, Josh, for the use of your amazing animation! xo, Rose ***Click here to experience MegaEggz’ off the wall animation, art,… Continue reading


The earth gasps and quakes Alien spaceships invade We are in deep shit Thank you, Mega, for the use of your cool animation! xo, Rose ***Click here to experience MegaEggz’ off the wall… Continue reading

Sweet Murder

Someone shot Cupcake in the garden. Pink and white frosting splashed on leaves   Thank you, Mr. Att, for the use of your beautiful photo! xo, Rose ***Click here to see more of… Continue reading