Five Haiku Poems: Persistent Winter

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–

Winter is like a bad date who doesn’t want to leave…


These cold winter winds

slice through clothes with icicle

fingers down my throat.


My tonsils tickle.

I cough out the frigid air,

yet Winter stays near.


He clings with sharp teeth –

draws blood, then falls on his knees.

Forgive me, he pleads.


I shake my head, No!

There can’t be any more snow.

You need to just leave.


He sighs, it was nice.

The way you harden my ice.

Please, one last kiss? Please?


Haiku poetry by T. Ponder and Poet Rummager


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      • In my city it can get up to 42 degrees Celsius. I’m not sure what that would be in Fahrenheit, Rose. This summer has been milder than usual but longer. We haven’t had any days above 36, I believe. When you move further inland it can get much, much hotter.

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    • The cold stare always gets me, and feeding ones hunger with nail soup makes the pain worse. I shall feed you my grandma’s chicken soup instead, Shel, darling.

      Thank you always for your words. I’ve missed you and shall visit soon. 💋🌹

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  1. I enjoyed the haiku and the photo. Tho it took much of my time on 2 days to deal with the roughly 2 feet of snow I got on 03-14, I still like winter storms when the snow is dry and the sun shines afterward. I still like cold weather, even tho my hands crack and bleed (and the pretty women are too bundled up to harden my ice).

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  2. Oh dear, I’m gonna fall out now; We can’t get enough of winter, ice and snow and we had a terribly warm winter. Like it never came! 😦
    Spring is here, the sun is out and I send you warm greetings ❤ and thank you for your lovely post. 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹
    Dina x

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