Monthly Archive: July, 2016

Moon Lust

Photograph by Monica – Click here to visit and follow her blog! Cumulus lusted after the Moon. For centuries, he hid in her shadow – gazing at her luminescent face, enthralled by her… Continue reading

Under Sheets

The snake seeks to hide. Where it’s warm, she lets him in. Under sheets, she screams.   Late at night, is it a blissful scream that escapes you, or is it something twisted… Continue reading

Fifty Words Story: The Debt Collector

Whistling, he enters my room. My heart races like the hooves of a doomed deer. Leaning close, he pricks me, then takes a hanky from his pocket; wiping my blood from his horn.… Continue reading

Gush Red

  The beauty in this world is heart stirring – yet when shadows attack, the colors bleed, and rivers once clear now gush red with grief. I grasp my darkness with both hands… Continue reading


Illustration by Poet Rummager Scylla found him half drowned in the ocean blue – unconscious and badly bruised. In a darkened, dank cave, she kept vigil by his side – whispering reassuring words;… Continue reading

Gaze of Polaris

Photo by Adam Lambert-Gorwyn of   Under the steady gaze of Polaris, I seek a safe journey. Be my ship. Navigate me safely through the tempestuous labyrinth of the sea. Afraid to… Continue reading

Serrated Smile

Photograph by FlyTrapMan   She felt the knife pierce her chest.       The agony of her ripping flesh tore an anguished scream from inside Why? She shrieked. Why? The knife said nothing – merely… Continue reading


Photograph by FlyTrapMan   I walk a tightrope – trying to keep my balance. I won’t fall for you.   Read a tantalizing poem about a love that won’t die by clicking ↪️… Continue reading


  Photograph by Cop Richard of I keep you all underneath my bed. Pain, Horror, and Fear loving cold floors instead of fluffy soft pillows and coverlets.   I hear you stir… Continue reading

Beauty in the Dark

Photograph by FlyTrapMan   Is beauty sunshine and flowers? Or does it, too, reside in shadows? Deep inside we plant wishes entrusting the heart to keep them secret. As the sun turns off… Continue reading