Monthly Archive: June, 2016

Fifty Words Story – The Flashlight

Illustration by Rose Perez   The lights flickered. She frantically searched for the flashlight but to no avail.  Wait! There it was; rolling into the closet… but how? Darkness invaded the room. Mortified,… Continue reading

Jupiter Looks For Me

Photograph by FlyTrapMan   Jupiter looks for me through tangled limbs of twisted trees. I hide beneath the dirt where I have laid for centuries. My gravestone is faded, and my name no… Continue reading

Loco Logophile

  I digest your words – yet I’m not satiated. I hunger for more.   *Logophile is a lover of words.   (Photograph by Simon Smetryns of   Still hungry? Meet some… Continue reading


Photograph by Markovich Photo Art   You bid the day farewell. Once golden and strong, your brilliance fading as night calls to the moon. Falling from this earth, it no longer hurts to… Continue reading

Leanhaum-Shee Fairy Door

My love, come inside. I wait here; parched and thirsty. Stay close and quench me.   *The Leanhaum-Shee is a vampiric fairy who preys on a man; making him her lover. She then… Continue reading

Exceeds Riches

I don’t wear diamond rings on my fingers, nor do I desire gold bracelets on my wrists.  I just want to look into your sapphire eyes and tell you, your beautiful soul exceeds… Continue reading


Photo by Graham A Stephen ( Thread me in and out. I unravel when you’re gone. Mend me with your kiss.   Read my dark story about another frayed lover by clicking  … Continue reading

Wicked Sheela-Na-Gig

*Sheela na gigs are figurative carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva and are said to ward off evil. They are found on churches, castles, and other buildings, particularly in Ireland and… Continue reading


Photo by FlyTrapMan   I buried you today. You tried to resist me. I was able to push you down into the dirt where I covered you, so you wouldn’t get hurt. My… Continue reading

Hunger Growls

Illustration by Poet Rummager     Stealthy, in tall grass, she waits as her hunger growls. Deer appear. She leaps.       To read about another equally lethal tiger, be sure to… Continue reading