Monthly Archive: April, 2016

Creepy Dandelion

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   You creep in my yard. A persistent weed that clings – tenacious stalker.   Photograph by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤

My River

Photo by Paula C. Graham   He was my river. Unpredictable currents flowed from him as he was calm one day and then raging the next. Submerged in his love left me breathless.… Continue reading


Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Spring; time for rebirth. Shed the old sins from my skin. Grow new ones again.   Photograph by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit and follow his blog). ❤

Thaw Me

  You shake your head as you eye my heart – poking it with a finger. I don’t cringe or fall apart – stone cold like a glacier. Wall of ice in all… Continue reading

Fifty Word Story: An Impossible Rescue

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   There it was again; a faint call for help.  Sebastian raced down the path of trees towards the cemetery.  He stopped at a tombstone. With his front paws, he… Continue reading


Photo by Graham A Stephen (   A clap of thunder woke her from slumber. She shivered but not from fear. Raindrops trickled on warm skin – trailing down her neck and over… Continue reading

An Inconvenient Passenger

Photo by Paula C. Graham   In my heart, you’ve caught a ride. At the next stop, love, please find your way out.   The photograph above is by Paula C. Graham (Click… Continue reading

Tear Free

    The ghost of my past won’t let me be. It clutches and makes me stare at all the scary memories. Close your eyes, you say as you pull me into your… Continue reading

The Hard Way to Heaven

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Mama told me never to play in the dark. Be a good girl. Get down on your knees only in church. He stood in the shadows with his back… Continue reading

No Escape

  Houdini would frown if he knew the way my heart is shackled to you.   (photo by Ali Halit Diker of