Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Lily Loves Billy (A Poem by AJ O’Brien & Rose Perez)

Title Card by –FlyTrapMan–   Night, come the night they stalk the land, a man and a woman searching, hand in hand. Each are in need of their daily bread, to kill a… Continue reading

A Fierce Imagination

Photo by   It sprung from the grass – a hungry plant with sharp teeth bit at my bare feet.   MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Click HERE to visit… Continue reading

Dreaming the Moon

Art by Intricate Knot   You’re above me – so far I can’t touch you. Yet, I know your dreams. They scatter in the night – parallax of light.   When you shine,… Continue reading

Ice Cold

This belongs to you. She was ice cold as she tossed back his wretched heart.   (Photo from

Winter Succumbs

Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   Frozen nights with our bodies enwrapped. The frost outside scratches; scarring the glass. In our bedroom, two sparks ignite one flame. The ice gazes in at the fire we’ve… Continue reading

Fifty Word Story – An Incident on Bernard Boulevard

Photo by Graham A Stephen ( ❤   Traversing Bernard Boulevard at night, she longed to escape her loneliness.  An effulgence of light illuminated from the sky and lifted her off the pavement.… Continue reading

Mr. Bonez Falls

    “It’s not how hard we fall that matters but our will to rise again.”     MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Mr. Bonez Falls   When Mr. Bonez falls flat… Continue reading

Mr. Bonez Learns to Walk!

  MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Climbing out of the grave, a skeleton escaped! Fresh from the dirt, his bones were rubbery and quite unsteady. After much practice, he developed a stumbling… Continue reading

You’ve Discovered a Treasure Chest!

MicroFilm by FTM Moving Pictures   Golden Equality   Opening the treasure chest, the king expected jewels and coins, but was in for a revelation! It contained a gaseous explosion that splattered and… Continue reading

Scaring My Fears

  Hold me, and my fears run away.  Under the rugs, they scurry and shake.   (Photo from   My haiku was inspired by a conversation with Oggy of Na trioblóidí. Click… Continue reading